Gentleman Jack

by Kopelli

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Debut solo album from Cold Men Young's very own Kopelli. Featuring production from Doc Illingsworth, Jay Norm, and The Olympicks.


released January 21, 2014

1). Bad Influence produced by The Olympicks
2). Van Hunt feat Ryan Spencer of Jamaican Queens, produced by Jay Norm
3.) Think I Need a Choir feat Mic Write, produced by The Olympicks
4). Dean Martin feat Jade Lathan, produced by Jay Norm
5.) Salty produced by Doc Illingsworth
6.) On the Rocks featuring Mic Phelps, produced by Jay Norm
7.) She Hate Me, produced by Jay Norm
8.) ASStoria feat Mister of Passalacqua, produced by Jay Norm
9.) Let em Know produced by The Olympicks
10.) Salud produced by Jay Norm

Executive Produced by Lawrence "Kopelli" Young
Recorded by Eddie Logix
Mixed & Mastered by Jay Norm
Cover art by Sean Mack
Art Direction/Design by Kendre Daniels


all rights reserved



Cold Men Young Detroit

Dope Hip Hop/Spoken Word collective from Detroit, MI. Consisting of Blak Smith, Kopelli, Mic Write, and Mic Phelps. #GeniusBidge #Yeggi

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Track Name: Bad Influence
Pick your poison, pretty lady pick your poison
I'm here to indulge all your vices
I guarantee that you will enjoy them
We'll talk about all of your troubles
and all of the problems that you've been avoiding
The burdens of life are so heavy
it gets to a point where you try to ignore them
Here, a shot of this will make you feel better
A little sip of this will get you right
Let me kill your inhibitions and get in you in a position
To release all of your tension and have the time of your life
Are you feeling it yet
The weight has been lifted you're free of regret
Attuned to my frequency
We can connect on a level befitting of our intellect
Then let it all go
And lose it in the illusion that you and the music are forming a fusion
All of a sudden you're feeling renewed
Over your blues while under influnce

I know that happy hour's over but you're still looking too sober
Come on let me get you po'd up
I know that happy hour's over but you're still looking too sober
Come on let me get you po'd up
Until you're coasting in slow motion
Raise up your glass and now we're toasting
Got the cure for your stress come and drink this potion
Got the cure for your stress come and get this potion

Her eyes low
Heels high
She grind slow
Cuz it feels right
I'm all about that life
Love to see a pretty girl dance
Little bit of liquor she nice
Slave to the rhythm, caught up in a pretty girl trance
I can advance
Like I'm promoted to pass
High at the top of my class
Up in my zone
Sipping up out of that flask
Watching her finish her glass
Down for the stroke and she already know
That I am certainly up for the task
More than one way she came to get smashed
Caught up in the moment though we know it won't last
Why would I deny her
A good time for night she desire
Plus I wanna know if she a rider
A good girl gone bad, finna add fuel to the fire
Ready for that good thang
Baby let's go, need to get you out of that dress right now
She let it all go and it got quite loud
Don't...stop...get it
Work it til the finish like
Track Name: VanHunt feat Ryan Spencer of Jamaican Queens
Learn to keep it simple
Get this liquor in your system
Sippin after hours at division
Trying to get your Vickies missing
Plenty sophisticated women on a mission
For a gent to bend em, twist em, flip em
Put em in submission
What's your issue
You apprehensive that I might hit and quick dismiss you?
Or that I might think you're loose and easy?
Just a little
I'm not judgmental girl we grown
You want that work I'mma put you on
Right your name up in one of my songs

I'm not trying to confuse you
I don't try
I don't think that I respect your company
So I won't pay him any mind
I'm not trying to abuse you
I'm not okay
I just don't see myself coming back for long
I'm sure you knew that anyway

Learn to keep it simple
Quit them games and kill these riddles baby
Sit and let a bit of this elixir get you situated
Toast up po up with your whole team
Everybody getting inebriated
Fresh cut, fly thread
Looking so clean kill the whole scene prime time I'mma slay shit
When I'm rocking the oxfords
With the posture of prince no pauper proper
I'mma leave with a pretty young thing
She can bring her friend too so it won't be awkward
Don't matter that we just met
Go ahead and undress get it in girl you grown
Said it's been a minute let me put you on
Something I can write about in one of my songs
Track Name: Think I Need a Choir feat Mic Write
Tired of the same shit, so we're re writing the pages.

Lighters in the sky
Stage on Fire
Speakers got the Holy Ghost
Think I need a Choir

Lighters in the sky, oh my god
Stage on Fire, shit go so hard
Speakers got the Holy Ghost, right hand to the sky
Think I need a choir

Hail to the victors
I'mma get it with my team bro
Vicious on a mission
We michigan wolverines though
Tailor fitted denims I don't ever sag my jeans low
Proper with the botany got a mind to make that green grow
Plottin' a monopoly
Gobble up your property
I'm a hostile opportunist ain't no obstacle that's stopping me
I hear you poppin' how you choppin keys
That's science fiction nigga stop it please
Honor the father mama drop to knees
Pray for posers that's roaming far as the eye can see
I don't even bother with imposters dog I'm bout to be
Rockin across the sea so I don't hear you
Let that drama freeze
You ain't gotta ponder the philosophy of Socrates
To see that we that nicest with it sonically
Just let a gentleman brush his shoulders off
Now that's the cue to set the chorus off

Lighters in the sky
Stage on Fire
Speakers got the Holy Ghost
Think I need a Choir

Lighters in the sky, oh my god
Stage on Fire, shit go so hard
Speakers got the Holy Ghost, right hand to the sky
Think I need a choir

Ok Detroit versus everybody Detroit versus everybody
EFM, hustlers, shooters, shit even heaven probably
Potholes on every street like the city took seven shottys
But we still live my nigga I swear we still live my nigga
We ain't smoking jamaican or waking up in bugatti
This ain't love and affection Cierra and body party
But we still got a future the future be looking bright
Flow is a scalpel suture producer be looking like
Damn you just saved my baby
The baby's an instrumental
It's mental it's kinda crazy
Mercedes is just a rental
I'm just playing my role
Trying to be like my idol
Same as the thriller jacket would instantly make me michael
All in the hopes the visualizing will break a cycle
It's psycho I know but fuck it
Just lighten up, vitiligo
LOL if you wanna, but I'mma change the game
Happy thoughts, staying young, kill the hook, bang a rang
Track Name: Dean Martin feat Jade Lathan
Tonight I might rock my smokers jacket
And show these broads that I got exquisite taste
Got the finest liquor po'd up in my flask and
I don't ever to dilute don't need to pursue it
Don't give me no chase
Keep it swanky that's the motto
Drankin' fancy tilt the bottle
Only imbibing that dark for night never mix with the light
Don't drink mulatto
Got a goddess on my arm sipping moscato
Wanna get me back to her condo pronto
But I'm only down if her girl go also

I've been on some new shit lately
Simply sip sophisticated
We've been posted drinking smoking awesome getting faded, hey
I've been on some new shit lately
Simply sip sophisticated
We've been posted drinking smoking awesome getting faded, hey

You can't get me down
When I'm up in my zone
I'm kickin' the clouds
And I'm flyin' alone

I've been on some new shit lately
Simply sip sophisticated
We've been posted drinking smoking awesome getting faded, hey

Hey, come and say hello to the continental baby
Have some, cham-panya,
And let me know everything that you're into baby
We all about that good life
Simply sip sophisticated
Celebrating like we made
Get fucking obliterated
We posted drinking smoking
Straight debauchery promoting
Big ol booty in your evening gown come let me do some groping
For the evening we're being heathens in fine apparel girl
Who the fuck needs a reason we're breathing
Drink this I dare you girl
Track Name: Salty
You know what love is,
It's got something to do with uh
Being a man and handling your biz
What's love got to do with it
Ask Pellz baby that's all bullshit
Tell you a tale about a dame I went to school with
Old flame back in the day I used to fool with
Summer nights had her in the buff with the cool whip
I broke her heart and she quickly threw up the deuces
I seen her out the other day hubby and two kids
New whip, good gig, moving into a new crib
Right around the block from my old spot it woodbridge
And she was looking awesome
Now I feel the hurt of having lost one
I was trying to cultivate a roster
Lost out on an all star
But fuck that I ain't owning that
What happened to my second chance
You know you owe me that
One day you'd come around my way again you told me that
But now I see you taken,
PDA's and caking
Fucking right I'm hating
I'm a bit bitter hope your gold don't glitter
That your diamonds don't shine too bright
I really hope he give you week sex
And you wish you could reset and reject homie out of your life
I'm salty girl

I know that I should wish you well
But I'd rather tell you go to hell
I ain't happy that you happier with him
I thought that you'd come back to me again
and now I'm fucked up
It's hypocritical I know so what, so what because
I ain't happy that you're happier with him
I'd rather you was back with me again, I'm bitter

What happened to my second chance?
How you content without me in your plans?
Without no warning or notice advance
You off the market for life?
I know that at the time I was the cause of your strife
Every night at the titty bar I was the partying type
Really shoulda figured you'd leave
Didn't honor you right
But I saw you as all bark
Never thought you would bite
And now I protest against your progress
For getting your life right and leaving me hopeless
Guess you showed me
Go ahead and color me convinced
That I should never love another (bitch)
I know I shouldn't talk that way
I wasn't taught that way
But girl I was really fucking distraught that day
My fault that I let you walk love lost
Cuz I didn't have the currency to cover loves cost
Now you're fully committed
Off limits, infinite
With a nigga all timid goody two shoes image
I'm sitting sick with it with my grill all grimaced
Left to reminisce upon the vintage
This struggle is the realest
Really wish I would've reconsidered
I'm only left with memories to visit
This struggle is the illest
I really wish you would've reconsidered
I hope that he can give you what I didn't....fuck that

I wish that we could run it back
But you wasn't hearing none of that
Track Name: On The Rocks feat Mic Phelps
Back up in the penthouse
With the system bumping
Cup filled up with something proper
Chilling with a fine little diddy bop calling me poppa
Let it breathe
Got a vendetta home boy let it be
Cool down with it all drinks on me
Kick it with the OG grays in the goatee
Spend a little dough but I know to keep it low key
Everyday rhythm I'mma stay in pocket
Peep how the flow elevate that's fly shit
Let it breathe
Take another shot and let it burn your chest
Blow a little something to relieve your stress
Had a long week and that shit got weak
Now you need to decompress, get it

Pressure on you daily
Know this grind will drive you crazy
Ain't no if and buts or maybes
Let it all go just let it go
Lost up in your vices
For tonight this life is priceless
Sip your liquor hug your fam
Run it all back we gone do it again let's do it again

We don't say chill we just put it on the rocks, on the rocks
Cool down, baby girl we on the rocks
Let me get two of them, put it on the rocks
Double shot, cool as fuck
We gone put it on the rocks

Oh my god I'm chilling
My smoke rise up to the ceiling
My dick hang down to the ground
Sipping brown in my town so you know how I'm feeling
Pimp shit on my id
I'm on 10 don't try me
Fresh off work I'm too chill
I don't wanna hear about a new bill
I don't wanna hear about a war
I don't wanna hear about Barak
I don't wanna hear about the album of the year
or the brand new rapper that's hot, bitch
Pellz got the jack on deck, what up
Take another shot to the neck, turn up
Grab another L put the purple on scale
Break another one down what's next, roll up
Smoother than a baby's skin
Call up all my lady friends
Dreaming of an orgy in the back of a mercedes benz
This that shit that you ride out too
Chill with your bitch in the hide out too
Check 1,2 1,2 1313
In the D back in my spot Du
Track Name: She Hate Me
I got that reisling for my lady
Them truffles for my baby
I been working hella hours
I'm really missing her lately
Got off a little early to make it to her so hasty
Let me put it on her crazy before she up and replace me
Got orchids for her
To brighten up her aura
I opened up the door and heard my woman shriek in horror
Then seen her bare skin glistening
While she screaming baby listen
I done caught my lover slipping in compromising positions
No doubt I had suspicions but really I wasn't tripping
To catch her with a woman red handed nigga I'm winning!
I told her not to worry that really I'm rather smitten
Just let me fulfill my fantasy
Both of ya'll in the kitchen
A better porno scenario never coulda been written
Let me get in where I fit in two vixens catching my rhythm
I done found the perfect mix and the perfect sin I'm committing
Now how do I manage to fix it so I can be in this kitten consistent?
Track Name: ASStoria feat Mister of Passalacqua
Pound cakes
Round cakes
Bad walk
Make the ground shake
Hip work
Make em salivate
Catch the beat
Let it calibrate
Turn it up, let it bang bitch
Sipping something strong slurring up my english
You ain't on my level you ain't speaking my language
Super potent dope you inject it'll make your vain split
Gotta be a killer I never settle for lame chicks
Give it to me baby I be on my Rick James shit
Center fold photo shoot
Booty freeze frame click
Wild with jungle love
Tell me can you tame dick
She want a vodka with the tonic
Fuel to make her move something
Gluteus bionic
Gladiator erotic
Popping proper for profit
She positively popular the hottest of the topics

What it's worth girl show me how you work
What it's worth girl show me how you work
What it's worth girl show me how you work
What it's worth girl show me how you work
I love the sound that it makes when I pound on them cakes like...
I love the sound that it makes when I pound on them cakes like...

Nice face
Rice cakes
Baby butt naked but some ice skates
Figure 8'n on my diiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiick
Oh my god
Oh lord
Blessed is this body that took me to the floor
Straight raging on my diiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiick
I like you
I like your friend
So why don't we
Meet in the middle
It's real shit
I'm just saying
So I've had a few drinks
But what I'm feeling I'm feeling you feel it too
Now won't both of you take your clothes off and sink your teeth in me soon?
Just believe in it
for these evening indulging in deviance
I feel your pulse it's increasing
I know you love it you're eating it up
Track Name: Let em Know
What the hell you waiting for
Do it like you mean it
If i want it imma make it so
Bitch I'm on my king shit
Let em know (let em know)
They betta believe that we gone kill it
Let em know
Living out our dreams and we gone get it

Back to the job I'm working
Making progress while you purpin'
On to the next the endeavor
Step clever to avoid them serpents
Keep grinding with a purpose
No ambition bidge you worthless
You won't eat if you don't earn it
skinny wallets pockets hurtin'
Why live your life a servant
never leave your dream deserted
Build your vision get it crystal clear
then your paint your picture perfect
You want a louie belt or bag from berkin
Is it worth it
Saving looking sickly but you balling on the surface
Never mind them optical illusions
let them losers choose em
common sense will just confuse em
Pass em by keep it movin
Be about building your movement
Do it like you know you could
Doubters are motivation
a little hate'll do yo good

Work, work
Lemme see you work
Make no excuses
Go and get it till you leave this earth
Work, work
Handle your business first
We put them hours in so later we enjoy the perks

Stay chasin these goals homie
Need commas after them O's
Show Me that dough
I speak what I know
I'm rockin' this show
You pay what you owe
I'm taking all that I been promised
Don't be tryin' to test my patience
And hold I\ what I work for hostage
Cold Men Young been about them dollars
The flyest grindin blue collars
Since underclassmen in college
and suma cum laude honors
Look where this rhymin' got us
On the verge of earnin' profits and makin' major deposits

We focused solely on appropriating the dough
And we only rolling with homies and hustlers that we know
We cool with starting slowly slow motion better that no
But just know that we're going global getting provo on you hoes

Work, work
Lemme see you work
Make no excuses
Go and get it till you leave this earth
Work, work
Handle your business first
We put them hours in so later we enjoy the perks
Track Name: Salud
We don't have everything we pray for
But we livin' so we thankful
Let's celebrate another day
ready willin' and able
With a lot of opportunity
Truly we be so grateful
To make it to see tomorrow
Another page in our fable
I seen my people struggle
That's every day life I figure
No matter what test you come through
We all want the same my nigga
A little bit of peace of mind
Tranquil surroundings
and knowledge your peeps will be alright
Let's toast to that tonight
Everybody get a glass and raise it to ceiling aye
Miss me with the drama just let me savor this feeling
Salute to the dreamers
Future fame and tourin' arenas
Passports and visas
Another round on me homie let's re up

Somebody tell me what we're toasting to
Livin good and making moves like we supposed to
Look like we drownin' sorrows not at all
Eyes on tomrrow celebratin' like we got it all

I know that Sally Mae be on you like you tipped her for a dance
Got a degree that you can't pay for you victim of circumstance
But you creep grinding finding ways to make each payment
Slaving daily 9 to 5 then 9 to 9
Cheers to you you earned it baby
I'mma drink to my brother health
Blaksmith, Mic Write, Mic Phelps
No well let me get top shelf
Take shots till it ain't none left
Then pop a bottle for every obstacle toppled
You conquered it properly and without a handout or sponsor, hey
Got a little money on me
Wifey order whatever
Been right there riding for me
Let's keep toasting together
I'lll be your drinking partner
Beyond our golden era
I'll put you on my tab
Keep it open forever

Toasting cuz we made it
Let me see you raise it up
Every moment celebrate it
Let me see you raise it up
Been down now luck is changing
Let me see you raise it up
Still breathing stop complaining
Let me see you raise it up

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