On The Rocks feat Mic Phelps

from by Kopelli

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Back up in the penthouse
With the system bumping
Cup filled up with something proper
Chilling with a fine little diddy bop calling me poppa
Let it breathe
Got a vendetta home boy let it be
Cool down with it all drinks on me
Kick it with the OG grays in the goatee
Spend a little dough but I know to keep it low key
Everyday rhythm I'mma stay in pocket
Peep how the flow elevate that's fly shit
Let it breathe
Take another shot and let it burn your chest
Blow a little something to relieve your stress
Had a long week and that shit got weak
Now you need to decompress, get it

Pressure on you daily
Know this grind will drive you crazy
Ain't no if and buts or maybes
Let it all go just let it go
Lost up in your vices
For tonight this life is priceless
Sip your liquor hug your fam
Run it all back we gone do it again let's do it again

We don't say chill we just put it on the rocks, on the rocks
Cool down, baby girl we on the rocks
Let me get two of them, put it on the rocks
Double shot, cool as fuck
We gone put it on the rocks

Oh my god I'm chilling
My smoke rise up to the ceiling
My dick hang down to the ground
Sipping brown in my town so you know how I'm feeling
Pimp shit on my id
I'm on 10 don't try me
Fresh off work I'm too chill
I don't wanna hear about a new bill
I don't wanna hear about a war
I don't wanna hear about Barak
I don't wanna hear about the album of the year
or the brand new rapper that's hot, bitch
Pellz got the jack on deck, what up
Take another shot to the neck, turn up
Grab another L put the purple on scale
Break another one down what's next, roll up
Smoother than a baby's skin
Call up all my lady friends
Dreaming of an orgy in the back of a mercedes benz
This that shit that you ride out too
Chill with your bitch in the hide out too
Check 1,2 1,2 1313
In the D back in my spot Du


from Gentleman Jack, released January 21, 2014
Written by L. Young, M. Stewart, C. Morris
Produced by Jay Norm



all rights reserved


Cold Men Young Detroit

Dope Hip Hop/Spoken Word collective from Detroit, MI. Consisting of Blak Smith, Kopelli, Mic Write, and Mic Phelps. #GeniusBidge #Yeggi

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