Champagne Nights​/​Red Stripe Budget

by Cold Men Young

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Cold Men Young’s freshmen effort, Champagne Nights/Red Stripe Budget, is a soundtrack for any individual taking life one day at a time. Despite current economic and social issues Cold Men Young’s album conveys the message of carpe diem very clear: Have Fun; Live Life; Dream.

- '+' Tracks Produced by Jay Norm
- '∞' Tracks Produced by Sheefy McFly
- '*' Tracks Produced by Jay Fab of The Olympicks

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released April 1, 2010

-Additional Vocals on Classic & Dreams by Lauren Fisher
-Additional Vocals on Ad Libs Skit by Josh Adams
-All Tracks Mixed by Brian Woodring - Pop Cycle Sound


all rights reserved



Cold Men Young Detroit

Dope Hip Hop/Spoken Word collective from Detroit, MI. Consisting of Blak Smith, Kopelli, Mic Write, and Mic Phelps. #GeniusBidge #Yeggi

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Track Name: Keep The Change+

[Mic Write] Yo, allow me to introduce the illest collaboration of souls/soles
Since the invention of Tennis Shoes
This is before the interviews, the gossip within the news
It's that interlude
Till that moment, we blowin' the f%@$ up!
Mind on money, money is on my mind
Like Gin & Juice
Listen up: Look at what my pen produced (What's that?)
A fly text
Reminiscent of Pyrex
Mixin' kitchen
Same shit Nino Brown pitched when he made fiends
My primary color chart is liar
Because I mixed black ink & white paper and made green
I'm a rebel, I use to color all out of the lines
Now I script within them to write this venom
I gotta pen em'
It's a passion
Woven into my genes/jeans like denim
I'm buildt to last- my style's unfadable (Ugh)
Child of the D
Where they make us tough like Buddy Lee
So the quality is undebatable

[Kopelli] We ready for the spotlight, top flight
Show em' how to rock right
Ima' spitta'
Teach an emcee how to rock mics
Us you are not like
We are the future
Surgeon with words
Pass scalpel and suture
Kinda obvious that being dope is what I'm used ta'
And I see clearly that whack labels suit ya
Gon' and embrace it, face it
We the real shit that the fake been replaced with
You ain't on our level, you ain't standing adjacent
Still in mom's basement
I'm in outerspace with-
Satellite eyes on success, gettin' ready to taste it
Don't give us nothing, we in a position to take it
This is great laced with-
Evidence of greatness
CMY rise like I'm weightless
Fly quite naturally
To real to speak fallacies
Haters can eat phallus, Let's go!

[Chorus] Cut the check
Keep the receipt
The fire too strong for niggas to bring heat
And I'm about a dollar so
You can keep the change [3x]

[Chorus 2x]

[Blak Smith] I don't need a fortune teller to tell me my life is on the fringe
Tell that teller to tell a tale of great fortune in the midst
Of living check to check
Bill collectors at my neck
Gotta' make this bread
Mic check, check the fridge
Corn Meal, Orange peels
Better off born still
Numbing the pain by crumblin' Jane
Inject the syringe
Made in America, mixed in an Urban Center
Where a woman's innocence was stripped at the age of ten
Coltrane relapsed again
So naturally I surrender to the same corrupt conglomerate
Obama just got in (Salute!)
Chronic stress, adrenaline
Mixed inside my melanin
I spazz out, I lash out
I do nothing, I keep it in
Levi Stubbs, James Brown, Michael Jackson had to end
For the second revolutionary story to begin
See I'm on the right path granted I'm in a rental ride
But f#@! all them haters
Ima' build my own Enterprise

[Phenom] Welcome to the dungeon
What up to the gangstas
Rest in peace to Grandma
Hello to the haters
Goodbye to them lonely nights
Shouts out to the Champagne
Red Stripe Budget - Cold Men Young
That's the campaign
I feel it coming, it's pumpin' in every damn vein
Keenen Ivory Waynes
This is a damn shame
This is crack music
Get your kitchen-ware
The beat is out of sight
Lucky I'm a visionare
I got issues, I cop pencils to drop mental-
Bombs I'm not with you, y'all softer than Scott tissue
From the city that pop pistols
And shots hit you and drop missiles
Y'all lyin'/lion like Scott Mitchell
Pheezy Easy does it f#@! it
I just took it up a notch
Girls leave they X-Men cause I am the Juggernaut
This right here is something hot
No homo I hug the block
My heart is BIG
My soul is PUN
My city's PROOF
My blood is PAC

Track Name: Spit It+ (f. D.S.Sense)
(Spit it. . .Get it. . .Hear it. . .This Is Fire. . Higher. . .Apprentice. . .Blessing. . .Live it. . .Now Run It Back Yo) [2x]

[D.S. Sense] Note this
D will never be a has-been
Bars like Klondike/Rhymes like Aspen
Erupt like annurisms, seek no Aspirin
Headspin, Exorcism, seek no Catholic
Peep my tactic, sweet like jasmine,
Flyer than the carpet of Aladdin, spazzing
Mapping out my plan like atlas
Rapping styles I flip like mattress
Flashing smiles like ain't shit happen
But snapping, y'all I'm a-bove average
I'm surprised that you other niggas showed up
Knitting needle flow- got the whole game sewed up
D-dot-S bless tracks like Selah
Then Kung-Fu grip mics like Joe G.I.
See my vision, See my passion
See us bogard, See us laughing
Go Hard

[Mic Write] My writing hand is capable of capturing lightning
In a bottle, I'm Apollo, something like a Titan when
I'm able to slide the pen across the page left to right
I become more than human: Herculean likening
Witness this flash of brilliance,
trying to get my cash to billions,
something like I'm Maximillion fresh up outta Tiny Toons
Remember Tiny Toons?
Yeah I been laughing at "Buster"s ever since them days
I'm finely tuned
Like a machine, obscene who they let on the mic
See pedalling bikes', the only way they're tight with the bars
I'm like Menopause, putting an end to your period
Might as well retire, wack rapper, get tight with Debarge
Rewriting the laws/ 'Cuz aint nobody got the balls to spit real shit anymore
They're light in the drawers
But when it comes to us, the flow is just sicker
So I'm guess we're working with "boa constrictors"
Nah nah nah

This is how you spit it, get it, it's the vision, listen to the lyrics, hear it, this is fire, higher than your rent is apprentice, learn a lesson, blessing, microphone is a living [2x]

Tah tah tah tah tah tah

[Phenom] Little Honda
Got a nigga all around
And it had your baby in it- like an ultrasound
"G" 'til I pass away, light it up and pass the "J"
Guns in my hood be singing like Donny Hathaway
All I got is my stick and my balls like Castaway
Weed like a low-carb diet, a couple grams a day
Been on my shit and i'm never getting off either
I'm full-blown AIDS, you are just a soft fever
I spit miracle shit, that's why I talk ether
And you niggas ain't cold like an off freezer
And I'm liver than a tel-a-thon
"We wanna fuck", man, thats all they wanna tell the don
Southside What It Do
Ride like my wheels do
If you put your hands on my body I couldn't feel you
Keep talking, we can show the whole world the real you
or make a nigga go and get the "K" (decay) like mildew


[Kopelli] Welcome to the tutorial or the wack rapper memorial
Never need to question it goin' in what I'm born to do
My crew come together form into
One beast of an emcee take heed to the warnin' dude
We grindin' more than you
Couldn't diss it if you wanted to
Really know that you feel it like pirhanna latchin' on to you
I'm highly skilled and I flaunt it to
I'm gettin' fan mail from your girlfriend and your daughter too

[Blak Smith] Another slave song from the plantation in Congo Square
Rappers untamed like mulatto hair
You got your best Joe Pesc' bravado stare
But up close you just a f#@! up like Tony Soprano's heir
I'm undermedicated
Recently resusitated
Got malignant growth like the Karmanos there
I'm on the beat like a bongo player
And I can choose to remove you dudes like when yo' tonsis flair

(Spit it. . .Get it. . .Hear it. . .This Is Fire. . Higher. . .Apprentice. . .Blessing. . .Live it. . .Now Run It Back Yo) [2x]
Track Name: Det Riot!∞
Greet us with your bombs and your bullets
And pray that no one is left standing
Let there be some and we will hold up our weapons and say:


Eastside. . .Westside. . .Southwest. . .

I'm from D-Trois City
The Rock City [2x]

It's 1967 and I'm going insane
We got some lighters in our pockets
And we're throwing the flame


[Blaksmith] I'm boosting dope drop, lemon drop, women that drop all
This bad economy got me willing to pop off
The murder rate is rising, unemployment rate is climbing
But I see the silver-lining
Stay chilly like hot sauce
A dead city where the homes blightened
In a celeb city assholes might win
We some Bobby Louis Drakes
And we some Cold Ice Men
This is the Cobo Takeover
No old white men
Just rode by, another street corner
With a sign that reads just another street closure
Seized by an unidentified repoer
So to harbor what's ours, we raise heat holders
Kill or be killed, Be the stat
Be the quota, Beat em back
Be the soldier, Either that
Or get rolled on
The enemy screams we need a vac for the ebola
Right before I find a cure
I set off the explosives


[Kopelli] I hail from the city of the Motown dittys
Dopeboy revenues through the roof
Home of the Hip-Hop gritty
the soulful, the witty
Where we rep for J. Dilla and Proof
Town where the brand new mayor
is a Hall-of-Fame player
And the last one did a little bid
If you a blue-collar worker
then your pocketbook's hurting
And your grind is finding a new gig

[Phenom] Detroit still at it
No Spongebob- niggas still Kilpatrick (Kill Patrick)
Check out the bullets, the guns, the violence
Talking all that noise, get a moment of silence
Strip clubs, Coney Islands, Motown classics
Massive; T-Rex flex shit- Jurassic
You ain't really real if you don't show love
O.J. Simpson- they tryna fit up in The Glove


[Mic Write] As far as rhyming goes for you,
I'll destroy your will (wheel)
like potholes, in Motown
Got hot flows, will go round for round
with your pound for pound best
Challenge Amityville?
Insanity, chill
Cold Men Young will murder your pride,
dismember your ego
A verse will leave your vanity killed
M-I-C from the M-I, Semi-automatic clip
When I hear a drum I spit 16 to kill it
Call it homocide when I decide that I'ma ride a beat
Getcha Mic Jacked emcee- Can You Feel It?
It's the Motorcity Flow Committee
Dope as sixty kilos
Cold as sixty below
Homey I'm a griot
I write for the ones without a voice like I'm Neyo
No Leo I ain't lying (lion)
I swear I'm treading water, gotta house and they're trying to foreclose on it
So I'm looking for that check with more "O"s on it
Ghetto alchemy
They never gave us nothing
Yet still we made something
And keep the bass bumping
Track Name: Walking Away+
[Phenom] Ugh, uh-huh yea. . .Ugh
I was tryna' compute the info
But she said that I wasn't her type
That my drive wasn't strong enough
So I'm tryna' monitor what I'd say next
I said man be at your CAP
Tryna' have you on LOCK
But you could never find the right connection
Always gettin' caught up in the web and catching all type of viruses
Gettin' rammed, then deleted like spam by your man like DAMN!
I wish I could keep TABS on you
Then we SHIFT into a new CTRL enviornment
That's when you F1 of them old flames
Playing them old games
So you know your boy just had to walk away

Maybe woulda wifed you but it's not right tonight
So I'm walking away
Walking away (way. . .way)
Really seemed you were just my type but it just ain't right
So I'm walking away
Walking Away (way. . .way)

[Blak Smith] How we fall apart something like Duran Duran
She was happy when I was El Capitan
Back seat, back shots
She was nasty then
There's a thin line between sexy and sassy man
And she crossed it
Turned around like a taxi cab
Threw her drink on my khaki pants
But I ain't mad at her
It's just one of those days that a girl goes through with her Maxi Pads
It didn't stop there
She independent now, flashing off all the cash she has
And a nigga couldn't breathe
Cause she all up in my face
Talking bout my dusty lips and ashy ass
Walking out the house got the nerve to thrash my pad
Calling for my son, where that little bastard at?
When it "All Falls Down"
And you "Tr-Ye Best"
This is when she wanna play "Stash-ie Dash"
She out


[Mic Write] So I asked her bout her cheating ways
Told me I was being way
Too insecure while she showing off her T&A
So I thought that was the case
Till I nearly caught a case
Ran that man off the block like we started off a race
Face what you did!
A nigga had a place and a kid and a rib
And you place him in a sit-uation
Where insin-uation
Got him hit in face now I'm placed in the station with the pigs
Damn, shoulda listened to my Auntie
Ran my damn phone bill up like Chauncey
Calling him not me, I can see that now
Wow, how simple can I be?
Don't let the door hit you where the good Lord split you
Too bad we never developed like last summer's pictures
So the Donna Karen, Dolce & Gabbana, Louis V.
You can leave it with your better days
Mañana, chow


Beat fades. . .

[Kopelli] Wait a minute.
She said I'm fit for admiring
That she gotta man but I inspire her to fire him
(Yeah) And that I really light her fire
And I'm who she's desiring
Even while she lies with him
(Yup) So now she gotta lie to him
Otherwise he like to treat my honey to some violence
Want to get her out my system - Niacin
Gotta walk away if I wanna see her alive again
And when I turn to go
The tears that she crying is making me wanna stay her lover
Longtime despite of him
But if I would, I'd hang around like I'm Spider-Man
Maybe I can save her
What a mess I am in
Should I stay or should I leave?
What I really do believe is she really is for me
But it's kinda complicated so I think it's really best that we
Just go our separate ways, if it was meant than it will be
Track Name: RAY∞

(Ughh. . .Ohhh)

(Ughh) Push it up on em'
(Ohhh) Now can you feel it?
Somebody's. . .Having. . .Sex. . .Tonight
(Is it you?) [Repeat 2x]

[Phenom] When she on the floor
She kill mad guys
Got em' kneeling at her feet
Now the heels/hills have eyes
Coke bottle body mami prolly' got me hard
As a hammer-head shark in the dark
She can feel it when I'm feelin' on her hips and waist
Touch her in a hidden place
You can feel her kitten shake
As her can I get a taste
We colliding and she lonely
And her thighs is saying hold me
Cause it feels so Ginuwine when she be ridin' on my pony


What's your name? (Ey)
It don't matter (Nah)
We ain't came for the idle chit-chatter so baby
Throw it back, throw it back
Make it jump, make it jump [Repeat 2x]

How you do that? (What!?!?)
Got a life of it's own
Ass too fat
Now throw it back, throw it back
Make it jump, make it jump [Repeat 2x]

[Blak Smith] She dance like it's a full time job
Say she do it for a living
What you do up on the side?
She rolled back and replied
With that red light in her eye
Well, if I gotta' tell you then I gotta' make you mine
That sunshine made me cry
Made me blind
Had me saying it's no crime to snatch her hair and pull it harder
While I stroke it from behind
And she like that
And I like that
And we like that
Just like that



Track Name: Living Like A Star+
[Mic Write] Yeah, this is for every next big thing
Every best kept secret
All those almost famous
Let's get it in
(Ugh. . .Yeah)

What you know about Detroit Summers in an Enterprise rental
Fresh new kicks at your local Footlocker
Ya boy work at both
Got the employee discount
Fix you up cheap like the local hood doctor
Save you a few bucks so when you hit the club that night
You can get down with the really good vodka
Grey Goose, Ciroc maybe that BeleV
F#@! what they tell me
We living like stars
We pop Coronas
Put limes in the bottle spend time with the models
Spit rhymes in staccato
Couple dimes on the lotto hoping we hit it
If we don't we get it back through rappin' nigga
Grind's the motto
You aint heard?
I'm the biggest rap star in my apartment
Buildin'- chillin
Somewhere on the 1st floor
Worse or better
We make due with the cheddar that we got
Just imagine when we get out first million (What?)

[Chorus] Big house
We ain't got that
But we still got room for improvement
Fast cars
Not really dog
But we still got one helluva movement
Champagne Nights on a Red Stripe Budget
Folks wanna' stop it but they just can't budge it
Too much fun to let the stress ever touch it
Living like a star till we living like a star

[Blak Smith] Just a hour 'go
I was out of dough
Down to my last dolla at the dolla sto'
But see my folks
We got high hopes
I play it 50/50
Try to hit the lotto for-
A hundred million
No ceiling
We jumpin' out the sky like Geronimo
I don't know, we gotta blow like champagne bottles so
Peel off that couture girl and slide on my banana boat

[Kopelli] Though money been funny I still feel I'm the flyest
Can't cop confidence higher than mine is
We like stars
Ya' girl tellin me sign this
She can see what the result of the grind is (She forsees it)
But I can't really blame her don't need game to tame her she sprung
We almost famous
All in your dame is
Shamlessly jockin Cold Men Young


[Phenom] Roll up the trees and let's go home
Only top ten rapper with a Metro phone
Got a bed girls wanna shoot a sex show on
And I smoke the type a green that the Jets throw on
Yeah rent kinda hard to get
Whip i can hardly get
Let the Bacardi tip
I be on that party shit
Summertime cook outs
Niggas on the look out
The life of Young Phenom
Somethin' to write a book bout
Thinkin' bout all the loans that I took out
Pregnant hustle cause you know I'm gon' push out
After high school man I kinda got put out
Move to the burbs but they couldn't take the hood out
Niggas been trippin' but I ain't gotta foot out
Mad cause they girlfriends always wanna put out
Hella hate got a nigga tryna get that hella cake
Tell a fake nigga that we here so lets celebrate


[Mic Write] Yeah man that's what we do. . .We make Bridge Cards look like Black Cards

[Blak Smith] Got this crease in my slacks. . .My grandaddy loafers. . .Nah, for real these my grandaddy's loafers for real. . .Kenneth Cole

[Kopelli] Man I feel you. . .See me with the swag man, I'm pushing the rusty hatchback like a Jag

[Phenom] Man I got all the girls. . .I got a bus it baby. . .She always taking the bus for me. . .Baby
Track Name: Classic*
[Blak Smith] Milk crates filled with gold records
On the cover sleeves
Old memories of fine scenes that I wouldn't remember
On the Belle Isle a young Willie showed me how to jump checkers
Told my grandad to "king me"
As if he was my debtor
That's when he cracked a smile in that Cosby Sweater
That's Michelle at her job
Right before the Hajj
After the pizzeria closed
She led me to her Mecca
Breathing on her neck
Sucking on her nectar
Next day she got the call from the health inspector
And that's mom
Beating me with a sceptor
She pulled a Jessica Fletcher
Found porno under my dresser
Snitched and told pops
And pops was like whatever
Till this day the case is cold
Apparently I was set up
Memories are forever
Good or bad they're mine to treasure
In hindsight, it was all plush leather
That shit was classic

Keep me up a many ah sleepless nights
Me and my need to write
My passion feeds the fight
Oh My God
Soul and you burn for me
Live for eternity
Till it's your turn to be

[Mic Write] Since the tender age of 13
I been egaged in working
These verses like a trapeze artist in a circus
Navigating line to line
Allowing my mind to shine
They call me phenomonon
I'm John Travolta
Word is. . .
That I'm going crazy
Dedicated to the day that I'm outflowing Jay-Z
Writing morning, noon and night
I'm never growing lazy cause I'm chasing something
Bass is bumping in the back lacing something to the track
I ain't like it, I rewrite it
Then recite, I'm excited
Close my eyelids
It's exactly what I wanted
Give me enough time with the beat
And I bet I Vietnam it
Nagasaki, Hiroshima
Call in FEMA
It's a wrap when I rap
But I wanna' do more than kill a verse
I wanna' bang a classic into your chest until it hurts
Promise that forever I rhyme this
Till the day that I'm timeless
For now you can rewind this


[Kopelli] This is the craftin' of a classic that's
Similar to Potter on the mic makin' magic tracks
After that, ship it to the masses man imagine that
Play it for the people and watch how they react to that
Maybe they can feel the emotion it's so passion-at (Passionate)
Get it in their system addict em until they ask for that
Feenin' for this feelin' they peelin' the cold cash for that
So immaculate they got to have it in their habitat
Fill my writin' tab-i-lat (tablet) with quotes from a gradu-at (Graduate)
Let me flip my tassel back
Classic like the cadillac ya old grand daddy got
We will be ya fav-o-rat (Favorite)
Movin' crowds we master that
Flow is kinda fabulous fam, sounds miraculous (Yeah)
We do it like our lives cling to it
And that good feel is really what my team brings to it
We movin' over tracks fluidly stream through it
So what else could u call this music
Truly it's classic

Track Name: Jibberish∞
Yo I'm like I'm somewhere else completely with it man
I'm like Dr. Manhattan, I'm gone
I can't. . .I can't understand what you're saying
You talking but I can't grasp it
My language, my intellect is so much higher than yours
My. . My wave length is so much different
So you keep talking but it's useless. . .

[Kopelli] Though they try they're not talkin' like me
I can never comprehend them because I'm too highly
Evolved for their jibberish and blahsay splee
We don't connect because wack I can't be (Naw)
In digital code how I see
I'm the one broke out of the Matrix I'm free
You don't understand let me state it plainly
That I'm on another level that the lame can't reach
Speech is incredible light years ahead of the
Stat quo etcetera Pellz is a hell of a
Emcee I'm tellin' ya, see it for yourself
Motown city slicker sippin' liquor top shelf
See my lyrical lingo imperial
delivery sicker than sixteen venereal
try to make it clear to you we're not equals
to holler at me you need a translator to speak it through

You ain't on my level
You can't speak my language [4x]

[Phenom] How these kats out here acting like me
Urinated cats out here acting like "P" (pee)
You should flee if you can but my right hand fast as a Dragonball Z
Or Muhummad Ali
Body, flow
You haters so pussy
Mr. Elevator button it go down if you push me
Roll like Tootsie
Please don't push me
Kicking other languages-
European footsies

[Mic Write] I hear you spittin jibberish/about you being nigger rich
Clapping guns, stacking ones, down to call a chick a bitch
Make it rain in clubs like we ain't going through a Recession
Spitting garbage on the mic every studio session
I can't understand wack, might as well be speaking Martian, Marvin
you a hater hit you with the Space Modulator
Bring your world crashing down/clowns, smashing nouns/verbs adjectives
Easy shit home hold the laxative


[Blak Smith] My brain matter pumpin'
Something your cranium lack
Fall back when that 808 bumpin'
You secondary to my ariel attack
Hiroshima bomb, Kangaskhan
Renaissance, when I hawk a fat loogie on this one way intercom
This is for the flat-head thumbtacks
Who believe we all equal
F#@! that
Appoint the keenest linguist
Translate into English
Venerate my genius
Quieres mujeres pero no llevas mis ADDIDAS
They the cleanest
You wanna' reach my zenith
You wanna' roll with elitists
Nigga all you gotta' do is kill the hate in your system like Amadeus
Forge metal to masterpieces like The Machinist
Out of this world, I lay my head closer to Venus
Next level be the fetus
Pastor said he'd be the meanest
Be the HNIC
Leader of the new school
Joe Clark Freeman


Talk your ish!
Track Name: NOD∞
[Kopelli] Hi. This is not your stereotypical club banger
Drop the beat
Yeah, Cold Men Young
We bout to take this one back to the club
Yeah, yeah gon' head drink it all down [3x]
Don't waste it baby drink it all down

[Chorus] It's a little left baby girl drink it all down
If you're still thirsty Ima buy another round [2x]
Have another on me, drink it all down (It's on me) [3x]
Don't waste it baby drink it all down

[Kopelli] Look at her over there
True Religion jeans, mo-hawk in her hair
I'm so fly, my advantage unfair
Got Creative-Rex on it's a brand new pair
Step to her holding two glasses of something
Try to get her open and increase her consumption
Start with heavy panting and move to some humpin'
When she orgasm man it look like she crumpin'
Back to the party
Whole spot jumpin'
These girls thirsty, keep that Bacardi coming
Poured a lot of drinks so here's my assumption
Later on tonight Pell L keep pumpin' (Bottoms Up)
Take a shot that'll make draws come off
Arrogant and cocky is how I often come off
You don't wanna worry how you gonna get the cum off
Your fly blouse, prop mouth open
Catch the run off


Ass like hippopotamus
Brain like a psychologist
F#@! about your legs
I'm checking out your esophagus
I can feel your throat like a like a life supply of lozengers
So girl drink it up like drunk bitches in colleges
1800 ain't nothing while you frontin'
Super-Soaker P
Yeah you know I keep pumpin'
We ain't gotta drink
Baby girl we can f#@!
So you don't need a glass girl, gon' drink it up!

[Blak Smith] She said hey Mr. Artist, Mr. Artist
What you saying I just thought it
Let me see what's in your wallet
Like a premature audit
Stop the stallin' with all this petty ballin'
You just tryna' crawl inside my 'whatchamacallit'
Yes I will be that guy to take you to the side
I'll watch you self-indulge
You do just what you like
Night cap in the ride
We swaying left to right
Bucking so loud like a parking lot fight
Kahlua White Russian girl gon' drink it up
This E&J and Red Bull gon keep it up
Yeah it's running through my veins so I'm gon' beat it up
And you don't need a glass girl gon' drink it up
Nah, you don't need a glass girl gon drink it up [4x]

[Mic Write] You claim king rapper, I'm viva la revolution
They call it swag that I brag, I call it evolution
I guillotine your team
Set fire to your field of dreams
Your skill it seems ain't worth of a hill-of-beans
But right now I'm all about this Philippine
Ole chick was so thick that True Religion pray when she fill her jeans
And when my eyes meet her
I treat her like Tequila
Pretty little Tila
She get excited when I feel her
Smooth as Akeelah-
With the words but it kinda helps that we both nice as fuck
And we dun' downed about a liter
She sweating off concealer
Somehow I'm in my beater
And then she takes her ass and drops it down to my Addidas
I swear it ain't misogyny
It's these shots of vodka in me
Bringing out the Pac in me
Feeling like I'm Akinyele
Gon' put it in your mouth!
I'm talking bout the drink, what you talking bout
Gon' girl


That is fine
Track Name: Aurora Borealis∞
[Chorus (A)]
Birds do it, bees do it
Orgasm, please do it
You gotta' war story
Let me sing to it
And when the lights fade
Just dream to it

[Chorus (B)]
My Aurora Borealis, Aurora Borealis [4x]

[Repeat Chorus (A)]

[Kopelli] Ye-ye-ye-Yo
Pretty miss excuse me
Had to take time to find who you be (What's your name?)
Grab your drink and move closer to thee
Young Smooth Criminal that hung the jewelry
Loving your style, you're quite alluring
Come and holla at cha' man
I'll be a sure thing (Holla at me)
Give me a little time, late night pillow time
Rock the boat and yes work the middle time
I'm not a player, my approach so genuwine
I just wanna' see your sex drive energize
I won't lie I am eyeing your inner thighs
Opposite of innocent but we are all sinners right?
And if it's only for a moment
I wanna' get up in it and own it
I gotta' retreat before the morning
But leave my aroma in your sheets
You can sleep with the scent of my cologne

[Chorus A & B]

[Mic Write] Pretty little constellation
Broke my concentration
Had me acting schitzophrenic, having conversations
With myself when my eyes first met you
"Should I even approach her", sweating bullets,
See the condensation?
On my brow, WOW, such a beauty is rare
I know it's considered kinda rude if I stare
But I can't help it
I notice everything that you do
Like when you're nervous, the way your finger twists in your hair
I like that
I know we're both living the single life
But I was thinking maybe we could get together, make a compilation
You laugh- I dig the fact that you get that
And I don't wanna give you the impression that I'm impatient
But i'm just saying
I see that 36-28-36
And i'm trying to work the combination
If you catch my drift, lets just shift this to the bedroom
And your dress I'll lift
My Aurora Borealis

[Chorus A & B]

[Phenom] Babygirl hold up
Swag so froze up
Strawberry swisher- let's have a "Fruit Roll-up"
You know what
You should probably just show up with no clothes, baby,
No need to put your coat up
So what-
They be talking
That's no worry
They can't handle your team- they Mike Curry
We do it like no other team do it
And they so mad at ya game (Game), they G-Unit
Deep-rooted, hate you for your sleek movement
Scoop you in that silver thing, you know, teaspoon it
And I would fuck with all of yall
All of yall are beautiful
I'm just trying to nail yall
Show me to your cuticles
We don't have sex, we stretch and do musicals
Then I just circle 'round your waist like a hula hoop
Drink you when I'm thirsty
Wake you up early
And give it to you raw, awwwwww
Eddie Murphy

Real talk ma. . .I just read "How To Fall In Love For Dummies". . . It was one page. . .It read find her . . .THE END. . .*Laughs*. . .Yeah
Track Name: Cold Justice* (f. Street Justice)
[Jypsy] I'm hungry
Give me my Sarah Lee
I want it fast
Better put it on my hand
Quick as I can load a Mag
Broken glass everywhere
Yo' whole bitch ass gonna land on your derriere
Getting gassed over cheese
This ain't no little cap I'ma squeeze
Man this shit will turn your ass to a breeze
Literally yo ass will disintegrate
Instantly, incinerate
Never try to overload my mind with bullshit
I occupy my time with things
I'm good with through the full shift
Cause shit will never be fine and dandy
Gon be in the jungle, I'll show you how to stock your pantry quick
Swift with a 30-ot-6
Ima get some money, I can feel my dirty palms itch
I'm an emcee, so I get the mission complete
Plus a Gawd, nigga kneel at my feet
Feminine BEETCH!

[Kopelli] I'm gettin' gassed up, Mr. Top Off
Pellz get it started call him Aleksander Popov (pop off)
Dick Riders vicious on our tip suck a cock off
Skill I got a lot of
Seven niggas spittin' like this world we are not of (Dawg)
How could you believe you're in our league
When we're rollin' with a lineup of Kopelli, Ketch, and Phe
Who's realer than Mike Wreez
Red, Blak, and Jypsy
Live emcees that hussle harder than Nipsey
SJ will put kicks where ya lips be
C-MY (see my) team we spaz quicker than Nick SPEED
Bitch please, I'm a bonafide beast
Release the raw venom every time I speak
Know ya broad feel him, I'm ignitin' her heat
Accelerate a flame until the fuel deplete
When they let this track bang nigga you'll retreat
Because It's cold justice in these streets, real talk

[Ketch Phraze] We gon beat the odds
Leave Scars with these beastly bars
You ain't get your weight up with them measly arms
Can somebody please alarm
These whack niguhs
The mission for Cold Justice in streets is on
We bring the bomb
Your weed and raps both regular
We got gots Ganz and Lyrics, we way ahead of ya
To competitive
To let a chump
Tell us what
Type of record bump
Shut it up
MuthaF'ing punk
This year we step it up
Chest Poking out proud
Music so funky feeling like we in a Out House
Dolby Surround Sound
When you the track
It make folks act retarded like Simple Jack
Ketch P, the niguh with the sniffer that
Sip the Yac
Lift my sack
Your girl forehead get that Lipton Stamp
We so Detroit when we act naughty
She'll Take a Vaca...Boston Tea Bag Party!

[Mic Write] Whenever rapping shit is popping off like Tylenol tops I go Molotov
Fold a poser like a violent cough, Gilligan Island soft
Moth to a flame, same as Mic to a banger
My anger blast you plain (plane) ass niggas right through your hangar/Hang a,
emcee out to dry with a hook, save a soul with a verse,
aint no telling what I'd do with a record
Check it
My flow's pristene
Got more hot 16s then Miss Teen America,
When I bless the mic
One tight lyric from me'll unwrite
Your whole career/ I'm what happens when music is done right
SJ, CMY, collabo unlike
Anything, Good Times homey I can hear "Penny" sing
As long as that vodka pours, and that Henny stings
We gone shine harder than you, no need for plenty bling
We just FUBAR tracks with steady rhyming
That's why I stay full of myself, like Simon

[Phenom] Yes I'm on my gutter shit take a hit
I just put u pussys in the open like a naked chick
I'm in the right when I ride like a car in france
And these nike checks whiter than the carlton dance
They say my city is dead I say its very alive
I'm fresh to def get dressed? I get burried alive
u niggaz scary its nothin
So get prepared for me runnin the underground like harriet tubman
I got the antidote and its dope ima animal
Canibal hanible lecter I eat you like a cantelope
The niggaz ridiculous sick as the sifilus
Pick wit a nemisis this is the gensis
I be fuckin wit the tree like the jenna six
Check out the setnences penned wit this imfaous penmenship im
Viscious wit bitches and niggaz
The visionless gettin the vision I'm spittin wit
Infinite knowledge I'm polished like the tips of the women

[Redd] I keep the booth in ecstasy - my speech'll boost your serotonin
Speak the truth so elegant - i never let these fairies hold me... down
My territory's Crooked I - look around from De-trois to Inkster -- SJ to CMY
Cuz we the best and fuck any niguh that doesn't think it
Appetite is glutenous - eat you pussies like cunnilingus
Some of these niguhs need to be in summer league
You rookies in development - we veterans - we run the team
Killing beats is effortless - it's fun for me
Come to me for excellence - accept the fact you under me
Musta been under the influence of anti-depressional medicines
If you ever confess that you better than
The brightest color in the prism
Writing excites me like watching dikes in prison
Bite each others nipples, snorting vicodin -- NUMB DEM TITTIES
Who fuckin' wit me? I see them niguhs is depressed
They'll NEVER BE REDD... like the Free Press... (niguh!)

[Blak Smith] Bring out my inner Joe Lewis/Louis Farrakhan
When I hit you with 5% of my mind
Unforgettable line
Niggas climb and hang from my genitals
Camel-Jockey riding nigga
Keep that to a minimal
Serve dinner roll, rip through you like a Sentinal
Whatever leftovers remain we send that shit to Synagro
5-Star General
Stupid line to get in the door
The women that came out look like they jumped up outta' centerfolds
And y'all pitiful, no Identical Variant
Sit yo' ass down before I Jones-Drew you like Shawn Merriman
Fall back I'm living golden
Ima die black and get reborn Aryan
I hate anything that don't sound like me
Get loud like me
Or just don't put it down like me
I'm pure in essence
Raw, fuck dressing all iridescent
No question nobody put pressure to the ground like me!
Track Name: I Can't Hear Myself Think+
This the part of the song I want yall to act a muthafuckin fool.
I want you, you in the front get up out ya seat start dancing
You yall two in the back start a fight
Dj I need you to turn the music up a lil louder
Lets go lets go lets go lets go lets go
Let me hear you say:

Turn my shit loud till, I can't hear myself think
If you really want it gotta show me that you really want it

Turn my shit loud till, I can't hear myself think
If you really want it gotta show me that you really want it

[BlakSmith] Aye yo DJ let it roar like wood stock
Blow the spokeman burn the goodcrop
Cold Men Deep came in with the hood op
Room full of wallflowers wishing they could rock

[Phenom] Phenom baby and I aint had no
Money but I'm riding like I'm in a lambo
Runnin through ya city like a young black rambo
And you aint really hype if i see yo hands low

[Blak Smith] Lets go ma time is wasting
You blackberry with no conversation
Let's get close to a T.O.N.Y like Sanah Lathan
In a blind location get you dialating

[Phenom] You looking like a fox and my tiger's waiting
Go ahead and let em talk I don't mind the hating
I don't go hard I go Conan baby
21 and up I'm so grown man baby


[Kopelli] Spit that scorch yeah ma it's quite live
Rhyme till I divorce my nine to five
Like Kweli i'm tryin to get by
Just gettin off work its time to get fly

[Mic Write] Tired of pinchin pennys get by making ends meet
Rollin in a Hoopty wish it was a Benz Jeep
Always had it hard life ain't never really been sweet
Mosh up in this bitch like you came up in ten deep

[Kopelli] Time to get loose man weekends here
Grey Goose and sprite man drinks so clear
We beat up the speakers volume to the beat
Till I can't heart myself think

So let ya hair down go and sweat it out let it out
Go and get loose by a couple at the bar
Let the stereo burry yo pain here we go
Whether in the club or you bang it in the car say


Now bounce, bounce, bounce, bounce, now bounce bounce bounce bounce
Get smooth with it, get smooth with it, get smooth with it , get smooth with it
2 step with it, 2 step with it 2 step with it, 2 step with it, and uh.
Track Name: Dreams+
[Lauren Fisher] Ad-Libs. . .

[Blak Smith] The realists wonder how I dream
What do he be on?
Light headed anesthetic when that beat be on
I put my Elzhi on
I get my T3 on
Shout out to V-V-Villa in dey tepee homes (Yup)
I do it to the death see my 3-Piece on
Then I take it back to Africa
Get my Louis Leakey on
Psychedelic trippin' when my EP on
Apologies fell asleep with the TV on
Wake up young boy!
Did you apply for this?
And you came so far
Did you arrive for this?
I'd die for this
Straight fly for this
My dreams are just over the hor-i-zon
But I'm alive to spit it
It's my curse but wha'ts worse like a hearse
I'm dying to get it
The right mind I'm in it
To outshine the gimmicks
Chasing my dreams about a mile a minute
Just let me dream

I gotta get to my dreams [3x]
Nah you can't stop me
Gotta, gotta, gotta
Homie you can't stop me [Repeat]

I carry a condition with no cure
A hopeless dreamer
I'm so sure that I'll acheive all that I work for
I see the very thing that I hope for
Right within arms reach
Found what I searched for
Nay-sayers steady saying I can't do it
But I gotta' certain goal and my mind set to it
Hard times hittin' I'ma glide right through it
Some of y'all didn't think I'd win but I knew it
Grind so heavy that I push a forklift
And I'm so ready to amass more chips
And I'ma go all out
Never forfeit
Can't stop me I got plenty moves to score with
Top throttle in the fast lane floor it
Feel like I might sprout wings to soar with
Elevated I'ma reach my star
My on top ain't far
Homie I'ma get it all
I'ma dream


Have you ever had a ambition?
Have you ever had a vision?
Of what you thought your life should be?
Have you ever had a mission
Doing numbers like a statistrician
Selling records while you rapping diction
Or rap addiction
You can't help it you gotta spit
Plus these other niggas is whack
They lack conviction (Ey)
You ever had somebody tell you
You couldn't?
Nay-Sayer, Player Hater, Al Queda to your dreams
Well this song dedicated to you
The crack baby that they swore would never make it to two
But you're 18 now
Got a diploma doing great things wow
I guess they underestimated the glue
That held you together
The ghetto decimated your crew
With the same thing they killed Brandon
Lee from the Crow but you're still standing
Being that you knot that your whole family
Is behind you telling you know
But you gotta


[Phenom] When I say dream
I don't mean Hakeem or the dude that sings
Martin Luther King what I mean when I dream
I mean like when my tenth grade english teacher took me out the honors class because she didn't consider me to be a writer
Well I wrote my wrongs and they turned into songs
So give me ten years you'll be teachin yo students about my work
Mom & pops thanks for the track shoes in my DNA I now follow my dreams like it's GPS on the back of my eyelids
For my brothers and my sistas you can't walk with out legs or stand with out a spine, so thanks for backing me up
And dream Cold Men Young
Pellz the glue to the group
Blak the engine on our ride to the top
Mic Write the pen to our paper
I love yall niggaz
2k10 the year of the coldest men lo fish take us home
Track Name: 1000 Apologies+ [Bonus Track]
This is for the girls who get cold in the winter
When they feelin so alone cause I'm no longer with em
Yeah I'm sorry [5x]

[Blak Smith] I ain't give you no bullshit
I ain't stand in no pullpit
No camera stories inflamatories
No I was one of the cool kids
That's the reason I stood out
Had your eyes on a good spouse
Didnt wanna mix yo brain trama wit my future so I pulled out
That tribal heart on yo' arm just let it bleed
They sprayd graffiti on the side of yo walls I kept it clean
Another queen sits on the side of my throne
I do believe
And if you think i did you wrong (hmph) appologies NAH!


[Phenom] Cell phone flip and I see your name,
But don't try to play cause I see your game
And its really over cause I see you're lame
Never again will I be you main
I put you fast asleep
TLC you fast to creep
But then my number you fast to beep
Said you wanna get it in, in the passenger's seat
But you scavengers meat and I'm eagle preserve
That's the regalish bird you a seagulish bird
So I got another chick word to my mother, chick
So give me space like I'm sittin in a mother ship
Naw fuck all that other shit
Go and get a badge doing all that undcover shit
F#@! a chick suck a dick I aint gon 'pologize
I'm just sorry that you did it to a lot of guys
Go inside ya thighs
You a chicken wit a side of fries
Not trying to mysonginize
Just tryin to open up a lot of eyes lotta guys
Gon play you and monopolize
So I hope this song help ya stop ya cries
Change a lot of lives
I aint gotta lie
But I gotta try
To let you know that Ima guy, Ima ride, ma I apologize


[Kopelli] Sincere apologies honest what I gotta be
Every night that you not wit me I'm out on the prowl
While you steady all alone like a only child
You the type a girl that'll hold me down
So I don't wanna hear that it's over now
Wanna have my cake and eat it to, that'll be the norm for me and you
I just ain't ready to settle down baby I can't do it
Sorry that ya goin through it
Ask ya man I be going truant

[Mic Write] Yeah I said that I luhhh you
That don't mean it's forever
Tryna keep me on lock down, I don't need me no tether
Plus I said that I luhh you no VE
Only put half in it
Which means that I really only half meant it (Right?)
Can't cover me to hard too fast baby girl I aint having it (C'mon)
Femenine care products dominating all the space in my cabinents (Chill)
Didn't you know?
I didnt tell you I was a commitment fobe
You don't remember that shit hittin yo lobes
I'll remind you
I think I need a lil bit of time to
Work things out its me not you don't call me I will find you
I'm soorrrry uh I'm sorrry

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