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You know what love is,
It's got something to do with uh
Being a man and handling your biz
What's love got to do with it
Ask Pellz baby that's all bullshit
Tell you a tale about a dame I went to school with
Old flame back in the day I used to fool with
Summer nights had her in the buff with the cool whip
I broke her heart and she quickly threw up the deuces
I seen her out the other day hubby and two kids
New whip, good gig, moving into a new crib
Right around the block from my old spot it woodbridge
And she was looking awesome
Now I feel the hurt of having lost one
I was trying to cultivate a roster
Lost out on an all star
But fuck that I ain't owning that
What happened to my second chance
You know you owe me that
One day you'd come around my way again you told me that
But now I see you taken,
PDA's and caking
Fucking right I'm hating
I'm a bit bitter hope your gold don't glitter
That your diamonds don't shine too bright
I really hope he give you week sex
And you wish you could reset and reject homie out of your life
I'm salty girl

I know that I should wish you well
But I'd rather tell you go to hell
I ain't happy that you happier with him
I thought that you'd come back to me again
and now I'm fucked up
It's hypocritical I know so what, so what because
I ain't happy that you're happier with him
I'd rather you was back with me again, I'm bitter

What happened to my second chance?
How you content without me in your plans?
Without no warning or notice advance
You off the market for life?
I know that at the time I was the cause of your strife
Every night at the titty bar I was the partying type
Really shoulda figured you'd leave
Didn't honor you right
But I saw you as all bark
Never thought you would bite
And now I protest against your progress
For getting your life right and leaving me hopeless
Guess you showed me
Go ahead and color me convinced
That I should never love another (bitch)
I know I shouldn't talk that way
I wasn't taught that way
But girl I was really fucking distraught that day
My fault that I let you walk love lost
Cuz I didn't have the currency to cover loves cost
Now you're fully committed
Off limits, infinite
With a nigga all timid goody two shoes image
I'm sitting sick with it with my grill all grimaced
Left to reminisce upon the vintage
This struggle is the realest
Really wish I would've reconsidered
I'm only left with memories to visit
This struggle is the illest
I really wish you would've reconsidered
I hope that he can give you what I didn't....fuck that

I wish that we could run it back
But you wasn't hearing none of that


from Gentleman Jack, released January 21, 2014
Written by L. Young
Produced by Doc Illingsworth



all rights reserved


Cold Men Young Detroit

Dope Hip Hop/Spoken Word collective from Detroit, MI. Consisting of Blak Smith, Kopelli, Mic Write, and Mic Phelps. #GeniusBidge #Yeggi

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