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    As you can see, we like acronyms. HAWK = Heal Apathy With Knowledge. This song is dedicated to the voice that wants us ALL to DO more, but is most often ignored or dismissed.

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[Blak Smith] World crusader, claiming our democracy
That's small potatoes
Liberation or elimination
That's the ultimatum
Blunt wrap, baggie
The revolution's on my coffee table
Breathing dragon fire
While my lips burn with the mark of Satan
Spark a nation, people moving
Movement like we walk with Haitians
Corporations making millions
Killing for bigger office spaces
Devilish deals in dark locations
Trafficing humans, bag em' case em'
Selling the people their wants instead of their needs
To bleed the population
Operation boost the science, refute the Mayans
Apocalypse is NOW, nuclear defiance
You see a group of tyrants, fear a super alliance
And yet we hate our Black Thoughts
Like The Roots are dying
Who supplying death?
The real serial killers, the mother of troops are crying
Dexter Morgan just throws on his suit and tie
Rather than killing each other I am for Big Brother
Hawk I am shooting the sky
Wondering if my bullets will penatrate
'Til that day I am losing my mind, right?

New reporters finding it hard to keep pretending
That change is really coming
When all the time we spending
Dedicated to the truth and always try to bend it
And it's hard for me to care
It's hard for me to care anymore

Politicians are oh so condescending
Tell a lie, call it truth
I mean what am I defending?
Say the future's looking bright
By the way the world is ending
And it's hard for me to care
Why don't the people care anymore?

[Mic Write] Apathy's rapidly wrapping me up
And im starting to wonder if rap is enough
To adequately battle these feelings I get
When I'm feeling fed up and I happily stuff
All of my issues up under the rug
I kinda feel numb like im under some drug
The gun of a thug sends a young'n above
And all i can think of is playing some Madden?
Saying im saddened don't do it no more
I wanna inspire but you would ignore
The music before it retired inside of your ears
And you realize the stupidest war's
The one that we're fighting inside of ourselves
Violently dying, crying for help
Something is wrong and we know it
We try to go forward, ignore it, and lie to ourselves
Economy ain't got no better
Job loss at its highest rate
New flu finds you and your mom too
No vaccines in your state
And you can't even get no healthcare
'Cuz you sick or you overweight
Or you can't afford the shit in the first place
Pray to Go that you never see the worst case
'cuz it could lead to
your burial
you carry no
coverage of which to help you get the treatment
so you may never get it
Scary, yo
Same shit different day I swear we
going 'round in circles-
Merry go
So i try to plant the seeds through stereo, help the seeds see the light-
But its hard for me 'cuz a part of me wants to start a re- volution
But the powers that be
Gon' martyr me for being part of the- solution
And bothers me, cuz i know what I ought to be: Fearless, but it startles me
So I'm stuck between
Rising Down, College Dropout, and half of the Carter 3
(what the fuck)




released April 5, 2011
Produced by Dr. B

Hook/Background Vocals by Pierre Anthony



all rights reserved


Cold Men Young Detroit

Dope Hip Hop/Spoken Word collective from Detroit, MI. Consisting of Blak Smith, Kopelli, Mic Write, and Mic Phelps. #GeniusBidge #Yeggi

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